Ginza Honey Castella Ginza Honey Castella
Ginza Honey Castella
Ginza Honey Castella
Made with Ginza Honey, this extraordinary castella is carefully baked
by confectioners to bring out the rich sweetness and aroma of this one-of-a-kind honey.

About Ginza Honey
This honey is produced as part of the activities by the NPO Ginza Honey Bee Project
that keeps honey bees on the rooftops of buildings in Ginza.
By keeping honey bees, Ginza Honey Bee Project aims to contribute
to urban revitalization and its symbiosis with nature.
Honey collected in all four seasons from flowers in rooftop “Bee Gardens,” the Imperial Palace,
Hibiya Park, Hamarikyu Gardens and elsewhere is called “Polyfloral Honey”
and has a slightly different color, taste and aroma depending on the collection season.
Ginza Honey Castella
30 days including the day of preparation
Egg, Flour
Matsuya Ginza Store[ limited edition]
box of 1
¥3,240 (tax included: base price ¥3,000
double size box of 1:¥8,640 (tax included: base price¥8,000)
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